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NOTICE: While strives to keep an accurate database, we can not ensure that each and every part # is exactly what you want or need 100% of the time. If you see a part # that is incorrect, notify jmX immediately.
Product Part Number Category Vehicle Description $
2001+ Intake Manifold88894339engineC5 Fbody GTO This is the intake manifold that came on all 2001 and later LS1 and LS6 motors. It has no EGR provisions. Notice that 2001+ intake manifolds (also called "LS6" manifolds) have a flat bottom floor. For 2000 and earlier cars, 2 new coolant plugs (12562788) and a pipe (12568478) are needed for the install.X
Air Box12455209engineFbody WS6 lower air box, trayX
Air Bridge25314820engineC5 Air Bridge from a 2001+ C5 Corvette. Accomidates larger 2001+ style MAF meters.X
AIR gasket12553617engineC5 Fbody Graphite AIR tube gasket. Need 2.X
AIR Tube12559188engineFbody 98-99 F-body AIR tube (one side)X
AIR Tube12559189engineFbody 98-99 AIR tube (other side)X
AIR Tube12561494engineC5 2001+ passengers side AIR Tube for C5 Corvettes, runs behind the intake manifoldX
Block12561166engineC5 Fbody 2001+ LS1/LS6 engine block, castingX
Blower Motor52489328miscC5 A/C blower motor for C5 with dual zone climate control.X
Bolt12557840engineC5 Fbody Crank pulley bolt. 1 needed, non-reusable. M16x2.0x103mmX
Bolt12552344engineC5 Fbody LS1/LS6 long intake manifold bolt. 10 of these hold the intake manifold to the heads. M6x1.0x21.8mmX
Bolt12560206engineC5 Fbody exhaust manifold boltX
Bolt12551926engineC5 Fbody GTO Trucks Water pump bolt. 6 are needed. M8x1.25x82.6mmX
Bolt11514008engineC5 Fbody GTO Throttle body to intake manifold bolt. 3 Needed. M6x1.0x30mmX
Bolt12556127engineC5 Fbody GTO Cam Sproket bolt. 3 needed. M8x1.25x24.4X
Bolt11515756engineC5 Fbody GTO Trucks Camshaft retainer plate bolt. 4 needed. M8x1.25x20mmX
Braided Fuel Line10279630engineC5 Braided Fuel line on 97-98 C5's. Fuel feed line (longer, front line of the 2).X
Braided Fuel Line10401798engineBraided steel feed line for 99-03 Corvettes. Connects to intake manifoldX
Braided Fuel Return Line10279629engineC5 This is the braided return fuel line on a 97-98 C5, the shorter and more rearward one.X
Coolant Pipe12568478engineC5 Fbody 2001+ style coolant pipe (under intake manifold)X
Coolant Plug12562788engineC5 Fbody 2001+ coolant plug (under intake manifold, used for LS6 style intake manifold swap)X
Crank Position Sensor12560228engineC5 Fbody Crank position sensor, CPSX
Crank Seal12561244engineC5 Fbody Front crank seal that presses into the timing cover. X
Cylinder head12564825engineC5 Fbody 2002 LS6 cylinder head, bare, castingX
EGR Gasket12553047engineFbody EGR to exhaust manifold graphite gasket. Only '98-'00 f-bodies with EGR use this.X
EGR O-Ring12557932engineFbody EGR O-ringX
EGR Tube12556643engineFbody 98-99 EGR tubeX
Emblem12369966miscFbody Camaro SS logo (silver), emblem, stickerX
Emblem12369965miscFbody Camaro SS logo (red), emblem,logo, stickerX
Exhaust Bolt11516328exhaustC5 Bolt for bellhousing exhaust bracket. M10x1.5x30mmX
Exhaust bracket12552247exhaustC5 Exhaust bracket which bolts to the bellhousing on a C5 corvette. Has 2 holes in it for bell housing, 2 for exhaust mounting. Uses bolt #11516328X
Exhaust Manifold Gasket12558573exhaustC5 Fbody GTO Stock metal layered exhaust manifold gasket for LS1.X
Exhaust Manifold Gasket12561912engineC5 Fbody For 2001+ style LS1 heads, using oval exhaust ports.X
Fuel Filter25121942engineFbody Fuel filterX
Fuel Filter10299146engineC5 '99+ style fuel filter w/built in regulatorX
Fuel Rail12556705engineC5 Fbody Fuel rail for 97-98 LS1's.X
Fuel Rail12562815engineC5 Fbody 99-03 Fuel rail for LS1/LS6'sX
Grill10280356bodyFbody Camaro front black plastic grill insertX
Head Bolt12560744engineC5 Fbody GTO Trucks This is one headbolt, the longer of the 2 main bolts. 16 are needed, or 8 per side. M11x2.0x155mmX
Head Bolt12560745engineC5 Fbody GTO Trucks This is one headbolt, the shorter of the 2 head bolt sizes. 4 are needed, or 2 per side. M11x2.0x100mmX
Head Gasket12558809engineC5 Fbody Head gasket for Passengers side LS1, graphite gasket. 1997-2000.X
Head Gasket12558810engineC5 Fbody Head Gasket for Drivers side LS1, graphite gasket. 1997-2000.X
Head Gaskets12498543engineC5 Fbody 2 Head gaskets in a package for 1997-2001 LS1/LS6's. X
Head Gaskets12498544engineC5 Fbody 2 head gaskets in a package for 2002+ style LS1/LS6 engines. Metal style. X
Headbolt Kit12498545engineC5 Fbody LS1 headbolt kit, supplies all 10 TTY head bolts for one head. Includes 8 of #12560744 (M11x2.0x155mm) and 2 of #12560745 (M11x2.0x100mm)X
IAT Sensor12160244engineC5 Fbody IAT sensorX
Intake Manifold Gasket12533587engineC5 Fbody GTO This is a complete gasket kit with 8 gaskets. Only one of 8 gaskets shown.X
Knock Sensor10456603engineC5 Fbody knock sensorX
LS6 Valley Cover12568002engineThis is the valley cover off of an LS6. Includes all bolts and gasket.X
Oil Cap12555685engineC5 Fbody Mobil 1 oil capX
Oil Pump12556436engineC5 Fbody 2001 oil pumpX
PCV Grommet10198949engineC5 Fbody PCV grommet for rear of drivers side valve coverX
PCV Valve12572717engineC5 Fbody updated PCV valveX
Peg10291929interiorC5 Plastic pegs that attach to the C5 door skin and poke into the door frame to secure the door skin.X
Plastic Nut10285966interiorC5 Rear cargo area plastic nut, for holding rear interior panels on in a C5 Corvette.X
Plug12568011engineC5 Fbody Drivers side valve cover PCV plug for LS6 style PCV setupX
Power Antenna10402860electronicsFbody Firebird power antenna, with Firebird mounting bracket (not shown in pic). X
Pushrod10238852engineC5 Fbody LS1/LS6 pushrodX
Rocker Bolt12560961engineC5 Fbody rocker arm boltX
Sensor Grommet24504388engineC5 Fbody IAT sensor grommetX
Spark Plug Wire12192064engineC5 Fbody Stock spark plug wire for all LS1/LS6 motors. 7.8" long.X
Swaybar26032907suspensionFbody 1LE front swaybar , stabalizerX
Swaybar10021221suspensionFbody 1LE rear swaybar (21mm), stabalizerX
Swaybar10419094suspensionC5 Z06 Front swaybar, stabalizer barX
Swaybar10424743suspensionC5 Z06 rear swaybar, stabalizer barX
Swaybar Bushings10431951suspensionC5 Z51/Z06 Rear swaybar bushings. Two are needed.X
Swaybar Endlink10435298suspensionC5 2002 y-body aluminum swaybar endlinkX
Throttle body17113390engineFbody Throttle body for 98-99 F-bodyX
Throttle Body17113647engineFbody Throttlebody for '00+ f-bodyX
Throttle Body17113564engineC5 throttlebody for 97-99 y-bodyX
Throttle Body17113669engineC5 throttlebody for '00+ C5'sX
Timing Chain12552954engineC5 Fbody GTO Stock Timing chain for all year LS1/LS6'sX
Timing Cover Gasket12558013engineC5 Fbody timing cover gasket, metal/rubber.X
Topend Cleaner01050002engineC5 Fbody GM topend cleaner, decarb, de-carbX
Transmission Mount22174970chassisFbody Transmission mount, A4 and M6X
Tray25170361engineFbody Lower air box (non-WS6)X
Valve Cover Gasket12560696engineC5 Fbody GTO Valve cover gasket for LS1/LS6 engines. Two are needed.X
Valvecover Gasket12560696engineC5 Fbody LS1/LS6 valve cover gasketsX
Water pump12458934 engineC5 Fbody Waterpump part number from 2000+. This will fit all year LS1/LS6 engines. X
Waterpump Gasket12559271engineC5 Fbody Metal/rubber waterpump gasket that came on 99+ LSx engines. Can and should be used on 97-98 engines too. X
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