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Valentine One Hardwire

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To hardwire the Valentine One (V1) radar detector into the car's power supply, we'll need a switched 12V wire, and a ground wire. Before you install, disconnect the battery. You don't want to be messing with the electrical system with it plugged in. Trust me. To find the + and - wires we'll need, you will need to remove the "knee panel" just below the steering wheel. This is the panel that should have your rear hatch release button on it, and it comes off with a small socket wrench. Disconnect the harness that plugs into your hatch release button and place the knee panel in a safe place.

Now, look under there. Its a mess! What is what? ARGH. My first recommendation would be to look at the photo to the left and make sure you see what the picture is showing. This picture is of the area just to the left of the steering wheel column..on the right you can see the slanted metal bar that braces in the steering wheel column, and to the left you'll see a wall of black plastic. The photo is really pretty bad, and you should ONLY proceed with these instructions if you see EXACTLY how this photo matches up to what you actually have in your car.

Ok, if you are reading this, I assume you see how the pic matches what you have. Find the big mass of cables that are labeled in the picture, and find the harness where they are plugging into (also labeled in the picture). You should see a brown wire plugging into the harness near the top. Use either the blue wiretap that came with the V1 to clamp onto the brown wire. Make sure it is clamped down GOOD. This will be fairly difficult since all the wires are taped together just below and it keeps the brown wire tightly bound to the other wires. Now, plug your red wire from the V1 junction box into the blue connector. At this point, you should hook your battery back up and *MAKE SURE* you are getting 12V to the red wire (just place the volt meter between the inline fuse on the red wire and a grounding screw somewhere) when you turn the car on. Now, disconnect the battery again so we can finish the job.

Ok, so you're getting voltage, that was the hardest part. Go ahead and attach your black grounding wire from the V1 junction box over to a screw somewhere. The picture shows the screw I used. Next, mount the V1 junction box somewhere inside this compartment. You can see I choose to mount mine on the left plastic wall of the compartment. Tuck your wires back in and clean up the area a bit. Then, plug a phone cable into your V1 junction box, and put the other end into the Valentine one main unit. Reconnect your car's battery now. Now try and turn the Valentine One shouldn't turn on at all since your car is off. Now start your car and see if the Valentine one came on magically. If so, You're done! Just run the telephone cable to wherever you end up mounting your V1 and you're set to go!
Here is a very very blurry picture of where I mounted my valentine one. Its just above the drivers side of the rear view mirror. I ran the phone/power cable along the seam between the roof and the windsheild, then down the side pillar between the drivers side door and the windsheild, tucked it into the crevass that runs along the dashboard, and down the side of the dashboard to the area underneath the steering wheel (where I mounted the direct wire junction box).
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