Throttle Body Coolant Bypass

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Why do this?

Well, there are a couple of reasons to do this mod. First off, look at what is going on under the hood. The way things are configured from the factory runs radiator fluid through the throttle body to warm the incoming air. Supposedly this is to keep the throttle body from icing up in cold conditions. Living in texas, this is of no use to me.

Secondly, its nearly free depending on where you get the parts. I discovered that it was more effort to find the parts so I simply ordered the kit from BMR fabrication for a little over $10.

What to do:

To make this easier, its probably best to start with a cool car. The TB can get quite hot, and the coolant hoses that we'll be disconnecting will be empty if your car is cool (or at least they were on my car).

First step disconnect negative battery cable. This can probably be skipped, but if you are a safety freak, do it.

Next, remove the intake components up to the throttle body. This should be as simple as one screw to loosen a hose clamp, disconnecting the MAF and IAT sensors, and unclamping the air lid.

Now, you should have a great view of your throttle body. Look at the bottom of the throttle body and you will see 2 hoses going into each on the drivers side, and one on the passenger side. One at a time, compress the hose clamp holding the hose onto the throttle body and work it off the conector. The hoses are on a 1.5" metal protrusion that comes out the sides of the bottom of the TB, and they may take a bit of work to get off.

The next step is to simply put the metal coupler that you obtained and connect the two hoses together...remembering to use the hose clamps to clamps to make sure it is snug. NOTE: I had to aim the "wings"/handles of the hose clamps up to avoid having them scrape against rotating engine components below. If you have some rubber caps (you'll need 1/4" caps), stick them on the metal tube protrusions coming out of the TB that are now unused. Thats it! You're done. Put your intake components back on and reconnect the battery.

For more info, see here:

The Results?

Well, there is no noticable gain from this mod, but a few people have consistantly run 1-2hp more on a dyno after this mod. Figure every bit counts right?
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